About Us

I've been working in the IT industry for over 25 years and during that time I became frustrated by the amount of waste we created.

Quite often we'd throw away computers that were only a few years old, and instead of going to landfill could have been given a new lease of life with another user who wasn't so demanding.

I now offer a service covering the Townsville region collecting e-waste (computer junk) free of charge from homes, businesses and education.  This equipment is recycled and marketed either as a complete PC or for components.  Very little finishes up in landfill and everything is processed locally.  I send nothing offshore for processing.

In addition to saving e-waste from finishing up at the tip, it's also very satisfying to see good quality computers and components go to many users who couldn't otherwise afford a new computer.  I don't just walk the walk but talk the talk - the computers I use in my business are all over 6 years old and still going strong!

Jason Walker